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May 29, 2012
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June 7, 2012
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Whether you admit it or not, we’re pretty sure that one of the first things you do upon booting up that laptop is check your email. Next to Facebook, electronic mail (that’s email to you and me) is probably the most popular way of keeping in touch.

This means that you shouldn’t overlook this option when beefing up you software design center’s communications facility—particularly for help desk call center services. While the phone is great—and a big part of tech support, remember that there’s more to life (and staying in touch) than the touch-tone. And email is it.

It is, therefore, a good idea to have a few members of your support staff constantly monitor those inboxes. A lot customers may find it easier to describe the woes they’re experiencing with a certain accounting software they bought by typing away on their email client software. And remember that email messages don’t just come from Yahoo or Gmail users—these may likewise be sent via your website’s “Contact Form” on the Contact Us page.

Needless to say, you must likewise respond to those emails in a timely and appropriate fashion. While it’s okay to send an auto-responder message upon receipt of new mail, you’d be a lot wiser to follow this up with a personal message—especially if it’s a complaint. This shows that someone home—and they’re really listening.

Check that inbox today.

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