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January 7, 2013
Customer Support Call Center: Making Tech Gifts More Romantic on Valentine’s Day
January 21, 2013
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Going High-Tech on Valentine’s Day? No Problem, Customer Support’s Got Your Back

In the past, Valentine’s Day often meant giving a card, a dozen Roses, or a box of chocolates to that special someone. Today’s tech-crazy world, however, has somewhat “banished” this romantic custom and has even turned Valentine’s gift-giving into a virtual thing—such as an e-card, for instance.

While there are still Roses being delivered to and fro, one doesn’t need to be left behind just because s/he isn’t in tune with the tech times. In fact, your customer support call center can make Valentine’s Day truly special for such folks.

Having a customer service call center on standby during the season of love allows folks to go beyond the e-card and even be with their loved ones. A friendly tech support call center rep can help a wife be with her husband (who’s assigned in a foreign land) through Skype, for instance. All the agent needs to do is talk her through the various steps of how to setup the service on her laptop.

The same customer service call center can even help folks who want to send a huge bouquet of flowers via an online flower shop—but aren’t sure how to use the service, let alone pay using their credit card.

Whether you choose to go the traditional route, or go high-tech, you’re covered thanks to your friendly customer tech support call center service.

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