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August 13, 2013
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August 27, 2013
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From a Distance: Tech Support Via Remote

It has often been said that our generation is considered the “remote control generation”. If you don’t believe this, simply observe how we love to do things via push of a button—from a distance in most cases, in fact. And we’re not merely talking about controlling our television sets and garage doors via wireless remote; even such things as technical help desks have now gone virtual.

That’s right—even customer tech support services can now be performed without the need for the tech guy to come over to your home or office. All you need to do is place a quick call to your favorite electronic vendor’s customer contact center and you’ll be on your way to getting the help you need. So what sort of help and support can be done from afar, you wonder?

While most folks would think that customer support via remote would be a great fix for their hard-to-figure-out iPhone woes, many of today’s services can provide so much more than just being an online or human instruction manual. Many of the more advanced support teams can even help clients like Rick retrieve lost emails and even help detect malware that have penetrated the computer system.

As previously mentioned, all this can be done even if Rick lives all the way in Malaysia—and his help desk call center service is based in the Philippines. All Rick needs to do is place a call to the vendor’s call center, and ask for some help. With his permission, the friendly tech support rep can “tap” into Rick’s computer using special software to help solve the problem. Rather than fly all way to Rick’s location, simply tapping into the system saves time, money, and can solve any issues in a flash. It’s as if the support team was actually there with Rick, trying to retrieve his emails.

Of course, security need not be an issue as such software would only be able to tap into any system once. So Rick and other clients need not worry about anyone snooping around and retrieving any of their hidden electronic secrets. Ah, the joys of the remote-controlled generation. Now, giving support can really be as simple as a phone call and a few keystrokes away.

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