Santa’s Little Tech Helper
November 1, 2012
Why Not Be Grandpa and Grandma’s Tech Support for the Holidays?
November 27, 2012
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For Kids-Only Tech Support: A Great Way to Spread Holiday Cheer

It is often said that the holiday season is the time for kids—when children can truly enjoy the lights, sights, and presents of the times. It is the best time to be a kid, or a kid at heart.

Aside from all the toys, trimmings, and treats that children can bask in during the season, there is another way to make it truly memorable for them: by helping them with their cool new toys and gadgets via your Customer support call center.

Yes, kids, you can now get in touch with a tech support call center agent in case that shiny new remote controlled race car you got from Uncle Pete doesn’t seem to want to go into “race mode”. Mom or Dad can also chat with a customer tech call center live chat rep to get a step-by-step guide on how Suzie can make her new “little oven” whip up some cupcakes for her playmates.

Needless to say, you and their parents can call, chat, or post a question on Facebook about any toy or gadget anytime of the day (or night—before bedtime, that is). That’s because that tech support contact center can stay open 24/7.

Light up a child’s face this holiday—support their tech needs.

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