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Failure on First Contact: Why Call Centers Fail to Address Issues

First contact of customers to call center can define just about everything about a company. These first calls are important, and very critical for businesses. The focus in many call centers has stirred from efficiency metrics to results. One of the most common means of measuring outcomes by call center companies is whether they answer the customer’s query on the first call.

The first call resolution of all of the metrics that confines in call centers is often overlooked. One must learn the concept behind it, not just understanding the term. On the other hand, some may not completely understand the complete impact of this financially. Yes, this greatly affects the budget. In addition, several companies’ senior managers may not be familiar with how greatly first call resolution influences customer loyalty.

According Netcall.com, 95% of consumers say contact centers fall short on first contact resolution. In addition to this, the first time they make contact with companies, the vast majority of consumers that shoots up to 95% do not always get the resolution they are looking for according to the latest Censuswide (A renowned survey experts from UK) research commissioned by Netcall. And that leaves a mere 5% of UK consumers that has validated that customer service personnel deliver on service without fail – leaving the rest to make a call again as expected.

“These results show that, by improving and simplifying the way interactions are managed, customer-facing organizations have a huge opportunity to increase brand loyalty and reduce the overall cost of call management,” commented Netcall CTO, Richard Farrell.
“Loyal customers develop relationships with organizations which must be cultivated each time they make contact. This makes it more important than ever that contact centers empower their agents with a complete history of the each customer and put strategies and technology in place to reduce the likelihood of repeat contact by delivering a comprehensive multichannel engagement experience,” added Farrell.

Basically, customers are calling call centers looking for answers. If call center agents can manage to accommodate and provide answers to customers, it is guaranteed that they will never dump the brand or company and stay loyal over the next several years. Today, there are modern self-service technologies and alternatives that intends to make things easier for consumers. However, these will not going to eliminate the need for call centers. Given that, your CSR agents can take a deep breath or a sigh of relief perhaps since their job is secured – though companies rely on operating costs. It depends on how low or high it’s going to be. So, it is safe to conclude that the cost/benefit percentage of delivering customer service via phone is something that needs your continuous notice.
Customers realistically expect that problems with your products or services will come up occasionally. On a good note, they are generally eager to understand, forgive, and let go of these occasional problems. And that is why call centers are very important since they are glad that they have someone to turn to every time they will be having problems with your product and services! If the customers’ experience with your center is a positive one, and their problem is answered on time on the first call, in fact it is an experience that may essentially amplify their loyalty.

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