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Why Electronics Companies Should Outsource Tech Support Now

The electronics industry is home to some of the world’s biggest brands, from home entertainment giants SONY and Panasonic to mobile technology enterprises Apple and Samsung. Each of these companies take pride in their people, their unique design processes and their superior manufacturing technology that all work together to create the electronic products we use on a daily basis.

As an electronics company, your business’ main purpose is in developing high quality electronic products and components. Focusing your resources — intellectual, financial and time — on your purpose is a proven way to increase your organizational efficiency, employee productivity, and even your ROI.

Making room for tasks that do not contribute to the fulfillment of your purpose can distract you from achieving your business’ optimum performance level, and opens a door leading to more unfavorable scenarios, such as overworked staff and less efficient work processes.

With that said, we recommend that you consider outsourcing your tech support function instead to experienced tech professionals. Need more convincing? Here are three compelling reasons why outsourcing your tech support works best for your electronics company in the long run:

  1. Operational cost-savings can be channeled to technology upgrades

    As an electronics company, you need to constantly innovate and upgrade your equipment to create newer and better electronic products for your clients. Failure to do so will leave you way behind of your competitors, and pose a risk to your company’s growth and future. What prevents many electronic companies from upgrading their facilities and technology is limited financial resources. The good news is outsourcing your tech support increases your cost savings because you will not shoulder the outsourced staff’s’ salary, benefits and equipment, unlike when you hire your own full-time employees. These huge cost savings — roughly 20%-30% on average — can be used to invest in better electronics manufacturing equipment for improved product quality and increased competitive advantage.

  2. Improved customer service score

    Tech support is essentially a customer support role within a highly-technical, technology-centered context or environment. Outsourcing your tech support benefits your company by connecting you to agents who can give your customers the best of both worlds: advanced technical knowledge and excellent customer service skills. You don’t even need to worry about their level of knowledge about your specific products — they will undergo rigorous training to ensure they have a very good grasp of your products before they can answer their first phone call. This powerful combination of technical knowledge and heart for service will elevate your customer support interactions and customer experience, increasing their loyalty and your company’s reputation, all for a much lesser cost.

  3. Increased staffing flexibility and time leverage

    Outsourcing your tech support is a very strategic move because it gives you greater flexibility in terms of your manpower and time. Outsourcing your tech support allows you to easily add or reduce the number of your tech support staff without having to allocate weeks and thousands to spend for recruitment, hiring, and training. This is especially handy after your latest product release or upgrade, where many customers will be asking for assistance regarding the new product features. While you and your team are focused solely on your company’s purpose to drive your ROI, outsourced tech support staff are providing high quality customer support that helps increase your customers’ satisfaction and your ROI as well.

Outsourcing your tech support is a practical and strategic move electronics companies like yours may want to consider to enjoy the benefits of lower operational costs, improved customer service delivery, and staff flexibility.

Work with knowledgeable and customer-centric tech support agents to start availing these benefits! Contact us now!

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