Why Not Be Grandpa and Grandma’s Tech Support for the Holidays?
November 27, 2012
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December 10, 2012
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Do You Know the Latest Tech Gadgets for the Holiday Season?

The holiday season, they say, is the best time to go shopping. Despite the huge crowds fighting for precious store space, it is this time of year when every other manufacturer and seller will throw their latest wares before buyers, vying for their attention. And gadget manufacturers are no exception.

In fact, a lot of the electronics and gadget makers will not only flaunt the latest offerings, they’ll happily sell it at slashed prices—especially on Black Friday.

So, is your Tech support call center ready for this? Specifically, are your customer support contact center agents in the know about what’s “hot”?

Have you oriented your outsource call center service team on your latest product offerings? Can they answer a caller who will ask about what processor the latest iPad 4 has, and why s/he should choose it over the uber-cool Samsung Galaxy Note II, for instance?

Yes, that’s right. It would be a great idea to not just train your customer service tech support agents about your own offerings but the competition’s as well. After all, we are in an interconnected world.

So stay ahead in the game. Don’t just sell the latest gadgets—make sure you and your team know them by heart.

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