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Dissatisfied Customers Are Blessings in Disguise

customer-service-outsourcing-complaints-handlingThis may seem an arguable statement particularly in customer support discussions. Complaints from disgruntled customers can be a curse, a worse nightmare for any businesses – from the way we see it. On the other hand, there are people who see “the customer is always right” as a complete baloney. They have their 5 reasons why “the customer is always right” is wrong. Well in some situation, customers may draw the line and can get very annoying. These people irate and abrasive – and that’s the kind of people you want to get rid of since it will not do any good for your business.

However, some customers will try to get back and will speak about their dissatisfaction regarding a service or product they have recently purchased. Customer support for after sales knows that they have a point and customer service has the right to justify accordingly. Now, this situation is the golden opportunity to strengthen business ties with customers and further uphold the reputation of the company. Treat customer complaints as a blessing, instead of a horrible business nightmare.

Most of us are influenced that today’s exceptional vulnerability of every business to negative customer reactions is not essentially a bad thing. It’s turning your weaknesses into strength. You can convert a misconception or a complaint about your business into a tool to help you get over that dispute and prevent the same situation from happening again.

You may have heard of businesses with a reputation of not having a single complaint from their customers. It’s great to be that kind of business. But of course in reality, there will always be a few dilemmas here and there for as long as there are humans and technology, there will be breakdowns, errors, and shortcomings. Hey, nobody’s perfect let me tell you. And not every customer expectations can meet instantly without running on a few potholes on the road.

So here’s how your customer support or customer service representatives should handle customer complaints.

Always Be Positive – Stay optimistic and show appreciation to the customer for bringing the issue to your attention. Genuine expression is highly recommended, take note. You should be thankful they initially approached you before anyone else.

Document All Complaints – Record all complaints so that you can use it for future reference. Managers should explain this to their staff that logging these complaints doesn’t reflect the insufficiency of the business and its staff. Rather, it is an opportunity to look after and expand customer relations while being on the watch for developments.

Swallow Your Pride – If there’s one thing that is hard to swallow, it is our pride. There’s nothing wrong with expressing regret knowing that customers are upset. Accept liability or responsibility sincerely.

Never Make The Same Mistake Again – Make sure customers only have to complain once – and to one person only. Don’t even dare test the customer’s patience and make sure that your handling method should be cut and dry. Forwarding their complaints to several customer support reps will only rub salt to the wound and resolving the issue will be deferred.

Remember that no communication by any means is worse than negative communication. Start by nurturing an approach of trust. Handling a complaint in a resenting rude manner and the desire to make the customers feel wrong about it is like digging your own grave. Your customers should feel open to express concerns in an environment with a sense of mutual respect. It is important to let these complaining customers know that they will be heard and attended to.

Do you have negative experiences which turned out to be a blessing for you?

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