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June 11, 2013
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Did You Know There Is Tech Support With Manners?

The mere mention of the words “tech support” in today’s tech-crazy world immediately brings up images of seeking help on how to operate your gadgets from a call center agent. And who can blame the folks that think this way? The name says it all, right?

To a certain extent, yes. Did you know, however, that while the “tech” part of the equation is being put under the spotlight, a lot of people—particularly many up and coming gadget and electronics vendors—tend to overlook the other half of the phrase: support? Lucky you as your electronics depot has a shot at giving customers more than just tech support via your customer call center—you can give them customer tech support with manners.

By this, we mean customer call center support agents who answer the phone, email, Twitter, and live chat channels pronto: as soon as a client contacts your company for help. Whether it be help in configuring the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPad Mini, or other cool gadget, these folks need help—fast! And it would definitely be bad manners of your tech support contact centerwere to let them wait for an eternity.

More than quick responses, your customer tech support contact center should likewise learn how to promptly resolve any issues your clients may have with their electronic or other devices. If a caller contacts your firm about a busted washing machine, for instance, do your best to resolve the problem. Never mind that the machine wasn’t purchased at your store and is out of warranty. The important thing is to send a customer care tech support team over as soon as possible to check on the problem—and fix it.

Of course, whatever service your customer call center (or any of your customer tech support team members) provides, it would be great if you were to do it with a smile and a warm and friendly demeanor. It’s bad enough that the client is having a bad day because his entire work life has to be put on hold, no thanks to a busted PC. Don’t dampen the mood further by being a relative of Oscar the Grouch.

So the next time you and your team think about tech support, don’t forget the “support” part—the part with manners, the part that counts the most.

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