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October 1, 2013
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October 16, 2013
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Did You Know That Competent Care Can Improve Tech Support?

How do I install and configure iOS 7? What’s the best smartphone for me? When people call up your tech support service to ask such questions, they aren’t simply making queries or looking for answers—they’re calling out for help.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, anyone can dish out tech support. In fact, any Tom, Dick, or Sally can answer a customer call center hotline and give an answer to such questions. But—and this a big BUT—how competent and caring will they really be?

With so many electronics shops sprouting all over the world, there seems to be no shortage of places to get help for all your tech needs. This has prompted the smart customer to seek not only answers but quality answers—particularly backed by competent and caring customer service. Kate Webster said it best in her ResourceNation article: “Providing quality customer support is essential to creating and maintaining customer loyalty” says Kate.

In other words, clients like Mike—a doctor from Baltimore, Maryland – look for customer tech support agents who actually know what they’re talking about. It isn’t just simply knowing what the difference between iOS and Android is, but knowing how each one works inside and out. More importantly, it likewise entails the ability to translate that knowledge from tech babble to plain, easy-to-understand English (or whatever language) for the everyday, non tech-savvy customer.

Speaking of speaking in plain language, this is where the caring part of the equation comes into play. Remind your team to think about their customers’ needs first—adjusting to each one’s “learning curve” if needed. If they encounter a customer such as Rey, who isn’t as “fast” to pick up instructions, then they should go easy on him while explaining how to set up his new computer.

This way, Rey, Mike, and any other client will definitely feel that they’ve come to the right place for their tech service and support needs. Who knows? They might like your service so much they won’t hesitate to contact your call center the next time around—and even tell a friend or twenty of them as well.

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