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May 21, 2012
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Dial-A-Language Coach

Have you ever noticed, while enjoying your favorite movie on cable, that little piece of text on one corner of the screen that offers the option of watching the move in your native language—apart from English? A lot of cable channels and videos are now beginning to offer “dual language” options for those that might not exactly be adept in the English language.

Did you know, however, that your customer support call center can help these folks out? If you currently offer Multi-lingual services, you can take these to the max by making them “educational”. How?

A lot of Koreans, for instance, wish to learn how to speak English. You can open up your customer hotlines and use them as a “training hotline” where students can call (toll-free) and have a one-on-one English class for a few hours a day. You might even want to serve up “video calling” to heighten the interactive experience.

And you don’t have to limit their choices to English. You can offer a wide variety of languages for customers to choose from. Moreover, they can either call up your customer “tutorial” hotline, “talk” to their coach via Live Chat, or “go to class” via Skype or other video calling apps. Just make sure that you’ve got friendly and patient teachers on hand to see them through.

A customer call center doesn’t exactly have to be all about business. It can be educational as well.

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