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June 11, 2014
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Data Security Alert: Mitigate the risks of off shoring

customersupport.ccWhen it comes to outsourcing to an outsourced or offshore support contact center, being fully aware on the safety of your data has never been very critical. If a particular business process is not prepared enough to protect access to data, then possibly there will be breaches, even though there can be the toughest data protection and discretion clause in the business outsourcing agreement. Business processes to secure data are merely as essential as the application security. In some cases, the tightest application security can be evaded by a person who wants to access personal data, download it and then timidly export the data to an Excel attachment over the internet. In addition to this, there have been instances where outsourcing has occurred off shore and data has been put up for sale to third parties by deceitful employees.

Now, how safe is that?

Today, call centers are employed by numerous companies all over the world to offer a variety of services (tech support and order management to name a few) to their clients. The call center or customer support call center has to be carefully selected in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and happiness, depending on the clients and what type of product or service they have paid for. One of the popular and trending alternatives for this matter is outsourcing call center services offshore. On the other hand, before considering this idea, business owners should understand the risks, and cautiously pick the right and trustworthy outsourcing service provider whom you can entrust your business’s data security. Companies have to study and inspect the call center organization to ensure that it meets the standards of the customers and give them a great customer service experience.

There are hundreds of outsourcing hubs around the world, and thousands of different call centers to choose from. However, these call centers are actually very much different from one another which happens to have a common denominator. Given this fact, companies have to ensure they’ll be capable of managing several difficulties of doing business in a different land overseas. The major reason for most companies for looking for an offshore call center is to save money. And in the offshore call center industry, there are numerous countries providing services with different levels of aptitude and expertise.

Companies must guarantee the excellence and reliability of their products or services to their customers. This should not be compromised, so better pick the best call center agency that can provide the best service and can meet your expectations. Most importantly, security should be at the top of the list when deciding to go for offshore call center. If your company is a financial institution, the more it is crucial and important to have the most secured and dependable off shore workforce. Take note that data security laws differ significantly from one country to another, and the bylaws in a few of these countries are basically nonexistent.

Aside from data security issues, communication also plays a major role in the process of choosing the right people. The very nature of call centers are designed to communicate with people, customers in particular. If there’s a misunderstanding between call center representatives and customers, specifically about what the agents are saying, it can lead to a high rate of trouble. Customers are selective when it comes to speaking to call center agents, especially customers from the US and UK. The way in which the call center representatives speak should be meticulously demonstrated with so many countries providing outsourcing services.

Consumers are ever more responsive to the dangers of giving their personal information to just anybody with crimes of identity theft and fraud remains to swell globally. The call center must be selected by first given that the data protection laws in the country, and the procedures the company will take to make sure the data is protected constantly.

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