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October 29, 2015
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Customer Support for Your Celebrity Merchandise

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Merchandising helps celebrities hit two birds with one stone. Aside from making a celebrity’s face and name more ubiquitous, it is a way for their brand to generate revenue and turn them into bankable stars. Actors, singers, TV personalities, models and athletes, to name a few, are expected to venture into celebrity merchandising at some point in their careers. Doing so helps them capitalize on their popularity and expand to other industries, such as fashion, cosmetics, sports gear, publishing, and many others.

Since merchandise is intricately tied with a celebrity’s reputation, a high level of customer support is a non-negotiable. The first ones to show interest and make purchases are valuable fans who can easily express their dissatisfaction on social media and fan sites. Moreover, celebrity merchandise is vulnerable to criticism and public backlash, both of which could have disastrous consequences for the celebrity and her management.

That said, customer support for celebrity merchandise is best entrusted to a reliable service provider. Offshore destinations such as the Philippines are ideal for outsourcing customer support.

Customer Support and Celebrity Merchandise

Customer support’s primary function is to make it easier for fans to buy the merchandise, make use of them properly, and have items returned or exchanged if these fail to meet their expectations. Multi-channel support with able call center agents who are able to provide timely but adequate answers to queries about merchandise, stocks, store locations, and return and exchange policies, among other things.

Believe it or not celebrity merchandise sell at all hours. Good customer support can prevent any dissatisfaction with the merchandise from escalating and potentially turning into a publicity crisis. It attends to buyers’ concerns so that they have a pleasant experience with the merchandise and the celebrity’s brand. It also helps celebrities retain and grow their fan base, as well as project a positive image for their brand.

Outsourcing Customer Support for Celebrity Merchandise

Given the importance of customer support, it would be necessary to outsource the process to no less than the best service provider out there. Service providers in the Philippines are internationally known for their expertise in customer support. A partnership with any of them gives you access to the latest communications technology, as well as a talent pool of experienced agents.

Moreover, Filipinos’ exposure to Western celebrity culture via mainstream media and the Internet gives them a good grasp of celebrity branding. This gives them an advantage in terms of understanding a particular celebrity’s image and fan base. This puts them in a better position to be in the front line and handle calls from buyers.

Outsourcing to the country is widely known to reduce costs and maximize resources. The low exchange rate of the Philippine peso gives Western clients more purchasing power, helping them work within budget constraints without having to sacrifice quality.

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