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June 15, 2015
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What Makes Philippine Helpdesk Cost-Effective

The helpdesk plays a crucial role in your operations. It provides the backbone of your services by providing technical support and information to your customers. When run efficiently, it drastically improves customers’ satisfaction and helps create a memorable experience in connection with your brand. Likewise, the helpesk is integral to customer retention and building loyalty.

That said, you can’t take risks when you outsource support. You have to invest in qualified professionals, training, software and equipment. This comes with a number of costs that can set you back thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the scale of your operations. However, transferring your help desk to the Philippines can help you maximize your resources.

Here’s what makes the Philippine helpdesk cost-effective:

• Affordable rates

Salary rates in the Philippines are affordable compared with other outsourcing hubs. A Filipino virtual assistant, for instance, will accept work for $5 an hour, in contrast to an on-shore VA who typically charges $25.

The large work force, which is made up of people with varying degrees of work experience, skill level and educational attainment, also makes way for a wide salary range that falls between extremely low to fairly competitive. You can select the kind of employee whose qualifications and salary rate best suit your budget and project requirements.

• Lower overhead costs

Lower overhead costs in the Philippines let you set up shop despite a limited budget.According to KMC MAG Group managing director Michael McCullough, establishing a business in the Philippines costs $45, 464 per year as opposed to Indonesia, where the same venture would cost twice as much. Prime office rates are also more reasonable at $28 per square meter, in contrast to steep prices in Singapore, where rent could cost as much as $113.2.

• Flexible schedules

Filipinos are open to working mid-day shifts and graveyard shifts. Some are also amenable to rotating schedules. Their willingness to adapt to the client’s specified time zone makes it possible for you to have a 24/7 help desk. This lets you provide customer support around the clock.

• English proficiency

English is the primary medium of instruction in the country at the tertiary level. In effect, Filipino employees have a good grasp of the language. They also have a neutral accent, which makes them easy to understand. This gives them the capacity to operate help desks and attend to the needs of foreign customers. Read: 9 Traits of Philippine Helpdesk

Outsourcing your helpdesk to the Philippines is a cost-effective solution that lets you run your operations competently without expending too much of your resources. This gives you the opportunity to reshuffle your finances and widen profit margins without sacrificing customer support.

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