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October 13, 2015
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November 25, 2015
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Better Customer Service for Your Tech Support

Once customers get their hands on your product, you’d want to make sure that they get the support they need in case they have questions, or if they run into issues with it. Don’t leave them hanging with little to no support. Offering reliable and sufficient customer service for your tech support can increase overall satisfaction levels.

Outsourcing is a viable and flexible option if you don’t have the capacity to increase in-house staff or invest in caller systems. It lets you transfer processes to a service provider so that you can keep costs to a minimum and make the most out of your resources. It also frees up your time and energy, enabling you to focus on key business tasks and high level decision-making.

The Philippines is internationally known for voice services. The country’s call centers have the kind of technology and expertise necessary to be able to handle high call volume on a daily basis. Moreover, the talent pool is teeming with qualified agents who bring a lot of skill and insight to the table.

Tech Support as Customer Service in the Philippines

The country’s high profile when it comes to call center services can be largely credited to its work force. Here are some traits that sets Filipino agents apart from their counterparts in other offshore outsourcing hubs:

1. Fluency in English

English is the primary medium of instruction at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. This means that Filipinos who have received formal schooling grow up reading and writing in English, on top of speaking one or two Philippine languages. Their fluency in English, however, goes beyond basic grammar and sentence construction.

Filipino agents can be expected to converse comfortably in English and have a good grasp of the nuances of the language. They can also be trusted to learn the differences between American English, British English and Australian English, among others.

2. Neutral accent

Filipino agents can speak English without any discernible accent. Customers may speak with them without realizing that they are communicating with someone in an offshore location. This makes for more seamless operations.

3. Accuracy

Responding quickly to calls is important, but this shouldn’t come at the expense of accuracy. Filipino agents make sure to give correct and sufficient answers despite having to handle calls with speed. This is also true for call-related tasks, such as proper documentation and strict compliance with standard operating procedures.

4. People skills

Though call center agents follow a script, Filipino operators can manage to sound natural and relaxed when handling calls. They also have the ability to change their approach depending on how their interaction with the caller progresses. They can be confident without sounding arrogant, as well as be sympathetic with customers without losing their professionalism.

5. Capacity to empathize

They can show empathy and a genuine willingness to help customers. This makes it possible for them to truly understand customers’ concerns with the product, enabling them to provide adequate support.

6. Reliability

Filipino call center agents perform well at work despite the demanding nature of customer service and tech support. They also demonstrate a strong commitment to the job despite external issues that can potentially affect their performance, such as natural disasters and personal difficulties.

7. Politeness

Culturally, Filipinos frequently use respect markers in their interactions with other people. This carries over to voice services, with call center agents using sensitive language and an appropriate tone whenever they speak with customers.

What They Can Do for You

If you’re thinking of assembling an offshore team, consider hiring Filipino call center agents. These general traits make them a perfect fit for customer service and tech support. They can reduce abandonment rates, minimize hold time and increase contact rates. They make sure that customers are happy with their purchases, and that they are able to use products at optimum levels. Warm and professional when dealing with customers, you can inquire about our tech support service now.

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