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September 24, 2012
Make It Easy On Your Customers: Avoid The Geek-Speak
October 9, 2012
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Avoid Tech Mumbo-Jumbo

Have you ever been lost in a foreign country? As if the experience isn’t nerve-wracking enough, it can be twice as scary if the land you’re in isn’t a predominantly English-speaking country. Asking for directions from folks who hardly speak a syllable of English can make you feel even more lost than you already are.

The aforementioned example may very well be a reminder for those folks running a technical support call center: remind your telephone reps to avoid a lot of tech mumbo-jumbo when dealing with customers.

A customer who dials your help desk call center regarding his newly-purchased flat screen television set, for instance, wouldn’t necessarily call to rave about how thin the thing is. Chances are, the customer needs help on something that seems to be amiss.

If a caller contacts your customer support call center to seek help about color and picture settings, avoid overusing terms like Hue, aspect ratio, and color temperature. It’s ok to use these as they are actually part of most television sets’ menu. But use them accordingly and try your best to explain their significance in as simple a manner as possible.

Life—whether in a foreign land or with a complicated hi-tech device–can be daunting enough. Don’t make it worse with more mumbo-jumbo.

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