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June 11, 2012
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June 19, 2012
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Are Your Customers Supported by Facebook?

Knowing what your favorite celebrity is up to, thanks to their latest Tweet, or posting the latest party pics all over Facebook. Updating your Facebook status every time you eat (including what you ate), take a break from work, and each and every breath you take—these are just of the ways people use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. You could, in fact, call it a way of life.

But wait. There’s actually more to Facebook than “Likes” and “Pokes”. Come to think of it, such sites can actually help your Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s) Customer Support Call Center desk. How?

As mentioned above, people today are so attached to the Internet that they practically eat, breathe and even surf the net in their dreams. While having telephone hotlines, email, and chat support facilities is tops for business, it would even be cooler to allow your loyal patrons to reach your via Social Media.

This allows Janice to ask that burning question about how the new iPad works with certain Apps, for instance. It can likewise be a way for Dennis to learn some cool shortcuts for the latest software you just released, thanks to the “Tips and tricks” notes you posted on your Facebook page. While you’re at it, you can even Tweet about a product recall your supplier just issued.

The possibilities are endless.

Want to support your customers? Go ahead and update that status. Who knows? They just might “Like”.

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