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August 28, 2012
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September 17, 2012
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Are You A Fair-Weather Firm?

A true friend, they say, is someone who stands by you no matter what. That person will be there through it all—come hell or high water. Otherwise, a person who doesn’t can simply be treated as a “fair-weather friend”.

So, are you a “fair weather firm”?

One way to know is to check your customer support call center facility. You might want to check if your team is attending to customer needs—especially the complaints. It’s one thing to look after customers who are satisfied with your product. It’s a totally different story, however, to look after the complaining ones, too.

And this is what really counts.

Moreover, are you dealing with these complaints in a timely manner? A good customer call center team doesn’t make their clients wait for Haley’s Comet to return before acting to resolve an issue.

The bottom line is to simply be a true friend who’s there for them—no matter what.

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