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May 3, 2017
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June 5, 2017
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Businessman Harvey Mackay once said, “Your workforce is your most valuable asset. The knowledge and skills they have represent the fuel that drives the engine of business, and you can leverage that knowledge.”

Smart entrepreneurs understand that they cannot do everything in their business. By delegating some of their tasks, they are able to focus on performing their core functions. By tapping on the expertise and knowledge of other professionals, they put themselves in an advantageous position.

If you are looking for a way to leverage your business, outsourcing a call center may be a solution. Working with agents holding different outbound call center jobs will give you back your most precious resources of time and effort. Here are eight outbound call center jobs you may want to consider outsourcing in order to leverage your business:

1. Accounts. Instead of spending hours or days calling your customers one by one to verify their account information, contact details, and the like, outsourcing this job will free up your time to run your business, as you rightfully should.

2. Billing and Payment. Professional agents will get back to your customers who have concerns regarding their billing. They will also follow up on delayed payments from your delinquent clients on your behalf.

3. Customer Relations. Outbound agents may solicit feedback from your customers regarding their latest purchase or their overall customer experience. This job not only requires special skills and training but also creativity and flexibility. Depending on the customer’s’ personality, these agents are expected to tweak the outbound call center script to deliver a personalized customer service.

4. Email and Live Chat Support. Outsourcing these two outbound call center jobs is like having a professional communications team on board, without the heavy labor costs. Working with experienced email and live chat support agents increases your efficiency and productivity while upgrading your customer service.

5. Lead Generation. Prospecting, organizing and producing qualified leads is a tough job that you may want to leave to the experts to handle. Lead generation requires a serious time commitment. Being the business owner, you simply do not have the time to perform this job while managing your business operations. Outsourcing this job to experienced lead generation specialists greatly increases your chance of getting the quality leads that you need in less amount of time and money than if you were to do it on your own.

6. Help Desk. Agents will follow up on customers who previously asked for assistance regarding their product purchase. These agents may have been trained and try to solve the problem with some basic troubleshooting, or they may escalate and forward the call to an IT specialist.

7. Sales. Imagine having a team of agents, all with sales experience, calling your customers to inform them of the latest version of your product, and asking them if they would like to upgrade to it. While you are busy overseeing your operations, your outsourced agents are upselling and cross-selling for your sales to skyrocket.

8. Telemarketing. Offering your products and services through the phone is a very time-consuming activity which should be left to experienced telemarketers. You can rest assured that these professionals have the knowledge and skills to effectively pique your customers’ interest and close deals.

Outsourcing these outbound call center jobs to the experts help you focus on your core tasks, exercise greater control over your resources and improve your business’ growth.

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