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February 17, 2017
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5 Ways To Personalize Your Customer Service

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The recipe for an excellent customer support experience has evolved from simply giving customers what they need, to going far and beyond their expectations. Today’s consumers understand that customer service should be a proven way that can help you personalize and deepen your relationships with existing customers and increase your customer base.

1. Conduct in-depth research and data collection. One of the best ways to make a customer feel special is to show that you know them. Take the time to review their personal details such as birthdays, purchase history, the products they have browsed or added to their wish list (particularly if you are an e-commerce business). Use that knowledge when appropriate such as offering birthday discounts and informing them of promos on items they have browsed.

2. Observe the little details. Businesses with physical stores have the perfect opportunity to do this. Make good use of the time they spend roaming around your store to politely ask probing questions about their intended purchase. Some customers will give answers that can enable you to provide them a better customer experience, if you only listen well. Simply observing your customers can also give you information about their preferences. If you notice they are wearing sneakers and your latest shoes shipment just came in, you can invite them to take a look at your newest collection. The point is to lead them to products and services that they like and will most appreciate.

3. Meet them where they’re comfortable. Use your customers’ preferred channels of communication. The precursor to this step is knowing what channels they are presently using, and which is at the top of their list. Phone calls, SMS, emails, Facebook messages or tweets – there’s a mode of communication for everyone. Use this knowledge to your advantage to deliver a personal customer experience.

4. Tailor-fit your communication. A tailor-fit message filled with content especially composed for your customers makes them feel valued and special. It tells your customer that you see them as individual persons and you recognize they have different preferences. It also has a higher chance of being read in its entirety, making it more effective than run-of-the-mill messages. For call center agents, this may mean veering off the phone script and ad-libbing to deliver a more original and customized response.

5. Call them by name. The simplest, least expensive and possibly the most effective way to deliver a personalized customer service is to use a customer’s name during your conversations with them. It makes every conversation and transaction more personal and sincere, because their name is something that is uniquely theirs.

A great customer experience is something all businesses wish to provide for their clients. Following these five proven ways can help your business deliver that personal customer service you aspire for and reap the rewards of doing so.

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