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July 2, 2017
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5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Customer Support Into Success

Customer support usually comes to mind when the topic of call centers arise. The rapid growth of call centers particularly in the Philippines allowed many business owners to delegate the task of assisting their customers to compassionate and professional Filipino agents. Many companies who outsourced theirs to the Philippines reaped the benefits of working with the Filipino agents who have world-class customer service skills, English fluency, and lower labor cost, to name a few.  

What happens next after you delegate your customer support to a third party provider depends primarily on your chosen providers’ capabilities and skills. While any business owner wants an effective and successful customer service partnership, not all business owners know what they can do to help contribute to that success, or if they can do anything at all, mistakenly thinking that the job of customer support is out of their hands the minute they outsource it. But smart business owners know otherwise, and employ the following five easy ways to turn their customer support into a success:

  1. Ensure you have good agents handling your account. Even if you are outsourcing your customer support to the Philippines where agents have a solid reputation for being among the most preferred agents all over the world, you must still check if their knowledge, skills and more importantly, values, reflect your company’s standards. Are the agents handling your account competent enough for you? Remember that these agents will represent your company to your customers, and the success of your customer support depends largely on their performance.
  2. Check if your provider has good facilities. Outsourcing your customer support gives you access to technology that their agents will use to deliver quality service to your customers. Are their telephone communication systems, computers, cloud, network connection, and servers of excellent quality? Don’t be afraid to ask if they have state of the art tools and equipment as these are a huge contributing factor to the success of any customer support interaction.  
  3. Examine if your provider practices good business ethics. Smart business owners leave no stone unturned before hiring their customer support provider, especially when it comes to business ethics. Ask your provider if they have certifications from any industry regulating the body, such as the ISO. This should give you peace of mind that your provider is complying with industry standards. Remember that a successful customer support partnership begins with integrity and trust, and concrete proof of good business ethics develops exactly that.
  4. Review your provider’s agent training program. As amazing as your providers’ pool of agents is, it would be unrealistic to expect that they know everything about your business, products, and services. Take the time to review the quality of your providers’ agent training program. Be hands-on in planning and developing their training module. Keep in mind that these agents work as an extension of your company, and their performance in assisting your customers will dictate the success of your company’s customer support.
  5. Read your providers’ client testimonials. Doing this gives you an idea how excellent they are in providing customer support assistance, from the perspective of other business owners like you. It also helps level your expectations, gives you insider’s knowledge on how they work and prepares you mentally for a better customer support partnership.

These five ways can bring more success to your business.

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